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About Our Portal

At National Rollout Company, we understand the value of gathering and acting upon accurate information from the field. To that end, we have designed our own Information Portal that Project Managers, Installers, and Clients can use to get up-to-the-minute information on the projects and locations they are responsible for.

Project Manager View

Our Project Manager Dashboards allow our project managers to see how far along a project, project group or a project phase is at a glance. Additionally, there are various types of reports available for each from this dashboard. Double clicking on a project brings up the following form: This form allows our project managers to…

Installer View

Our Portal gives us the ability to rapidly communicate information to our installers on their desktop or mobile device regarding: New locations in their vicinity that are available for them to work. An Installer may apply for one or more locations using the Portal. Assigned locations. Links to shipping information for parts sent to work-sites….

Clients View

The client view of our Portal gives our clients the capability of getting real-time information on the status of their projects as well as individual locations in their projects. A simplied folder view allows the client to view the project or retailer that interests them. Double-clicking on a folder opens up a detailed listing of…