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Fixture Installation and Maintenance

Fixture Installation and Maintenance are the foundations of the National Rollout Company model. We install and maintain nearly every size, type, and scope of display and kiosk.

  • Cosmetic Repairs
  • Diagnosis and Correction
  • Part Replacement
  • Software Updates
  • High Volume National Projects


Category Reset

We have performed tens of thousands of Resets nationwide. National Rollout provides Planogram (POG) services as needed. Each installer team has completed dozens of resets and installations, and are trained to read POGs. National Rollout Company can reset locations in all 50 states meeting a tight deadline; all while facing and setting 100% of the reset product according to POG.

Categories may have 10,000+ SKU’s at a big box retailer, with hundreds of thousands of facings, in thousands of stores. We don’t always achieve 100% completion in all 5,000 locations of a project for a large retailer, but our Quality Control Department finds all mistakes, and return installers to correct any mistakes instantly – without charging the client more. Our crews, being local, self-performing techs, can return to the set within hours, if necessary.


Additional Services

Experienced in assembly services, our technicians can assemble a small pop-up of a cardboard cutout, grills, or a 20″ x 20″ shed. We can assemble and maintain an inventory of products sold assembled.
National Rollout Company’s retail merchandising experts includes a full array of POG services. From initial set-up to complete and extensive resets.
  • Full Inventory
  • Product Replenishment
  • Product Return
  • Out of Stock Identification
  • Order Processing/Fulfillment